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the guilds
Guilds should move again in 2 days, 21h 28m 48s
name location age reporter
Allurists Guild 1SE of Killjoy and 68th1 days, 01h 55m 23sBatrisha
Allurists Guild 2SE of Mongoose and 21st1 days, 01h 04m 30sBatrisha
Allurists Guild 3SE of Maple and 30th0 days, 19h 55m 39s.::Ferrymen::.
Empaths Guild 1SE of Alder and 29th1 days, 02h 29m 04sBatrisha
Empaths Guild 2SE of Teasel and 12th0 days, 19h 48m 49s.::Ferrymen::.
Empaths Guild 3SE of Unicorn and 68th1 days, 02h 00m 25sBatrisha
Immolators Guild 1SE of Hessite and 81st1 days, 01h 49m 34sBatrisha
Immolators Guild 2SE of Duck and 96th1 days, 02h 29m 21sAnla
Immolators Guild 3SE of Chagrin and 94th0 days, 19h 54m 52s.::Ferrymen::.
Thieves Guild 1SE of Unctuous and 3rd1 days, 02h 11m 02sBatrisha
Thieves Guild 2SE of Teasel and 91st1 days, 01h 07m 10sBatrisha
Thieves Guild 3SE of Fear and 26th0 days, 19h 52m 02sThe NightWatch
Travellers Guild 1SE of Quail and 70th1 days, 02h 28m 05sBatrisha
Travellers Guild 2SE of Kraken and 99th0 days, 19h 56m 09s.::Ferrymen::.
Travellers Guild 3SE of Yew and 34th0 days, 19h 51m 28sThe NightWatch
the shops
Shops should move again in 08h 08m 48s
name location age reporter
Discount MagicSE of Torment and 46th02h 15m 44sdarkwolf
Discount PotionsSE of Vervain and 83rd02h 35m 15sdarkwolf
Reversi PornSE of Ragweed and 29th02h 28m 51sdarkwolf
Herman's ScrollsSE of Nervous and 33rd03h 43m 55sAnla
Interesting TimesSE of Sorrow and 60th03h 00m 11sdarkwolf
Paper and ScrollsSE of Gypsum and 85th03h 11m 27sdarkwolf
PotionworksSE of Woe and 31st02h 22m 38sdarkwolf
ScrollworksSE of Flint and 69th01h 51m 07sdarkwolf
ScrollmaniaSE of Flint and 98th02h 59m 08sElara
Scrolls 'n' StuffSE of Quince and 71st02h 44m 20sdarkwolf
SparksSE of Cedar and 19th03h 16m 33sdarkwolf
hunters, paladins, werewolf & objects
Might be gone, until you arrive
name location age reporter
HunterSE of Obsidian and 97th01h 42m 07sdarkwolf
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