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the guilds

Guilds should move again in 2 days, 19h 43m

Allurists Guild 1SE of Malaise and 76th1 days, 04h 16m 01sFerrymen
Allurists Guild 2SE of Beryl and 36th1 days, 04h 15m 52sFerrymen
Allurists Guild 3SE of Pessimism and 70th1 days, 04h 15m 43sFerrymen
Empaths Guild 1SE of Wulfenite and 27th1 days, 04h 15m 34sFerrymen
Empaths Guild 2SE of Yew and 62nd1 days, 04h 15m 24sFerrymen
Empaths Guild 3SE of Ivory and 49th1 days, 04h 15m 15sFerrymen
Immolators Guild 1SE of Aardvark and 86th1 days, 04h 15m 04sFerrymen
Immolators Guild 2SE of Nettle and 80th1 days, 04h 14m 56sFerrymen
Immolators Guild 3SE of Ivy and 50th1 days, 04h 14m 37sFerrymen
Thieves Guild 1SE of Fear and 54th1 days, 04h 14m 28sFerrymen
Thieves Guild 2SE of Ruby and 64th1 days, 04h 14m 19sFerrymen
Thieves Guild 3SE of Horror and 40th1 days, 04h 14m 10sFerrymen
Travellers Guild 1SE of Vervain and 93rd1 days, 04h 14m 01sFerrymen
Travellers Guild 2SE of Vervain and 75th1 days, 04h 13m 51sFerrymen
Travellers Guild 3SE of Raven and 97th1 days, 04h 13m 39sFerrymen
the shops

Shops should move again in 06h 22m

Discount MagicSE of Steel and 18th05h 14m 08sThe Ferrymen
Discount PotionsSE of Knotweed and 18th05h 12m 46sThe Ferrymen
Discount ScrollsSE of Mongoose and 73rd01h 28m 02sThe Ferrymen
Ace PornSE of Maple and 31st05h 14m 04sThe Ferrymen
Reversi PornSE of Obsidian and 3rd05h 13m 59sThe Ferrymen
Dark DesiresSE of Eagle and 1st05h 13m 55sThe Ferrymen
McPotionsSE of Elm and 79th05h 13m 51sThe Ferrymen
Potable PotionsSE of Gloom and 83rd04h 45m 18sThe Ferrymen
Potion DistillerySE of Beech and 93rd05h 13m 21sThe Ferrymen
PotionworksSE of Mongoose and 76th05h 13m 13sThe Ferrymen
ScrollworksSE of Pilchard and 1st02h 27m 33sThe Ferrymen
ScrollmaniaSE of Fir and 59th05h 13m 47sThe Ferrymen
Scrolls 'n' StuffSE of Knotweed and 79th05h 13m 17sThe Ferrymen
Scrolls R UsSE of Octopus and 9th05h 13m 43sThe Ferrymen
Silver ApothecarySE of Despair and 15th05h 13m 08sThe Ferrymen
The Potion ShoppeSE of Cobalt and 98th05h 13m 29sThe Ferrymen
White LightSE of Ferret and 48th05h 13m 25sThe Ferrymen
hunters & objects

Remember: hunters & objects might have changed shortly after posting was submitted!

Apologies, currently no hunter or object spottings were reported.
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