b i t e   m y   s h i n y   m e t a l - a s s !
the guilds
Guilds should move again in 2 days, 15h 38m 36s
Name Location Age Reporter
Allurists Guild 1 SE of Gum and 64th 21 hours 36 minutes Batrisha
Allurists Guild 2 SE of Nervous and 98th 21 hours 40 minutes Batrisha
Allurists Guild 3 SE of Zinc and 2nd 21 hours 41 minutes Batrisha
Empaths Guild 3 SE of Kyanite and 2nd 21 hours 7 minutes Batrisha
Immolators Guild 3 SE of Quince and 75th 21 hours 8 minutes Batrisha
Thieves Guild 2 SE of Woe and 59th 21 hours 39 minutes Batrisha
Thieves Guild 3 SE of Duck and 61st 21 hours 7 minutes Batrisha
Travellers Guild 2 SE of Woe and 74th 21 hours 37 minutes Batrisha
the shops
Shops should move again in 0 days, 02h 18m 36s
Apologies, currently no moving shop spottings were reported.
hunters, paladins, werewolf & objects
Might be gone, until you arrive. (max age 6h)
Apologies, currently no hunter, paladin, werewolf or object spottings were reported.

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