b i t e   m y   s h i n y   m e t a l - a s s !

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the guilds
Guilds should move again in 3 days, 10h 58m 44s
Name Location Age Reporter
Allurists Guild 1 SE of Sorrow and 29th 7 hours 10 minutes Malice
Allurists Guild 2 SE of Pessimism and 26th 6 hours 58 minutes Malice
Allurists Guild 3 SE of Elm and 3rd 6 hours 36 minutes Malice
Empaths Guild 1 SE of Jackal and 38th 7 hours 4 minutes Malice
Empaths Guild 2 SE of Pine and 50th 6 hours 28 minutes Malice
Empaths Guild 3 SE of Beryl and 14th 6 hours 36 minutes Malice
Immolators Guild 1 SE of Eagle and 54th 7 hours 2 minutes Malice
Immolators Guild 2 SE of Vervain and 58th 7 hours 43 secs Malice
Immolators Guild 3 SE of Despair and 19th 12 hours 39 minutes Schiaraffa
Thieves Guild 1 SE of Turquoise and 68th 7 hours 6 minutes Malice
Thieves Guild 2 SE of Lead and 60th 6 hours 43 minutes Malice
Thieves Guild 3 SE of Pessimism and 31st 6 hours 52 minutes Malice
Travellers Guild 1 SE of Zebra and 96th 7 hours 9 minutes Malice
Travellers Guild 2 SE of Ferret and 17th 6 hours 56 minutes Malice
Travellers Guild 3 SE of Quince and 82nd 12 hours 45 minutes Schiaraffa
Peacekkeepers Mission 1 SE of Emerald and 67th Stationary [Click to hide]
Peacekkeepers Mission 2 SE of Unicorn and 33rd Stationary [Click to hide]
Peacekkeepers Mission 3 SE of Emerald and 33rd Stationary [Click to hide]
the shops
Shops should move again in 0 days, 09h 38m 44s
Name Location Age Reporter
Discount Magic SE of Western City Limits and 9th 1 hour 15 minutes Malice
Herman's Scrolls SE of Jackal and 39th 48 minutes 7 secs Malice
McPotions SE of Ivy and 12th 1 hour 10 minutes Malice
Paper and Scrolls SE of Zelkova and 93rd 43 minutes 50 secs Malice
Potable Potions SE of Cormorant and 91st 1 hour 13 minutes Malice
Potion Distillery SE of Aardvark and 37th 31 minutes 1 sec Malice
Reversi Porn SE of Horror and 48th 38 minutes 11 secs Malice
Scrollmania SE of Killjoy and 55th 1 hour 8 minutes Malice
Scrolls 'n' Stuff SE of Sycamore and 73rd 42 minutes 18 secs Malice
Scrollworks SE of Willow and 2nd 46 minutes 55 secs Malice
Sparks SE of Beryl and 80th 1 hour 17 minutes Malice
Spinners Porn SE of Vervain and 76th 29 minutes 28 secs Malice
The Magic Box SE of Walrus and 59th 1 hour 5 minutes Malice
The Potion Shoppe SE of Obsidian and 87th 54 minutes 1 sec Malice
Ye Olde Scrolles SE of Yew and 19th 50 minutes 55 secs Malice
hunters, paladins, werewolf & objects
Might be gone, until you arrive. (max age 6h)
Apologies, currently no hunter, paladin, werewolf or object spottings were reported.

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